Arcese’s partnership with the Maratona dles Dolomites continues in 2019

In addition, Arcese has once again confirmed its support as sponsor of the most eagerly awaited event of the year: it takes place on 7th July when bikers challenge each other along the most evocative routes in Italy

On Sunday 7 July, the renowned Maratona dles Dolomites, which has now reached its 33rd edition, is set to take place once more. In addition, for the sixth consecutive year, Arcese has confirmed its support as the event’s sponsor this year. For all passionate cyclists, the event is impossible to miss, resulting in thousands of cyclists who will compete to climb the most beautiful passes in the Dolomites.

In fact, to date, the event has over 31,000 applications when there is only a maximum of 9,000 participants. Participation in the most famous race is not only very high, but also extremely heterogeneous: last year’s participants made up 68 different nationalities.

Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Denmark are the countries with the most participants, while Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil are the countries with cyclists coming from further afield.

"Duman", which stands for “Tomorrow” in the local language, is the theme chosen to characterise the 2019 edition and to get the participants thinking about a reflection which goes beyond simple pedalling. It encourages them to think of tomorrow as an invitation to ask questions about the future of our planet, starting from ourselves and looking at what we can do as individuals and as a community to slow down the consumption of goods and protect the environment.

It’s an opportunity for Arcese to tell their story and share their passion for sport and the environment thanks to the many initiatives which are planned to entertain the participants throughout the duration of the marathon.

The race will be an opportunity for our team of athletes and cyclists to challenge each other along the spectacular routes of the marathon. Beauty is reflected in the three different routes organised according to ability and athletic training : the 138km "marathon route" reaching a difference in altitude of 4,230 meters, a 106km "medium route" reaching a difference in altitude of 3,130 meters and the 55km "Sella Ronda route" at an altitude difference of 1,780 meters.

Achieving ambitious goals, like the Maratona dles Dolomites, requires a lot of determination and passion” says Matteo Arcese - President of the Group and continues: “Those who know this sport know just how much effort it takes to reach the top, but it is precisely from the ascents that we see the determination and the passion to reach the goal - the same passion which distinguishes us in achieving our goals. It is with this spirit that the Arcese team tackles the marathon every year, which for us is a very important opportunity to strengthen our connection with the world of sport and share the values ​​it represents with our customers and employees.

This enthusiasm is also shared by Claudio Canins, Managing Director of the Marathon: "We are very proud to have a trusted and inspiring partner like Arcese which is not only a guarantee for the success of the event but it is also a pleasure for us having a sponsor who strongly believes in what we do. This is proven by the six years spent together. This is more for us than anything else”.