Arcese signs partneship with XBS for coverage of Spain and Portugal

A new strategic partnership under the banner of quality and high performance for the Group's Road Freight services between Spain and Portugal
The agreement with XBS, the Portuguese logistics operator, aims at increasing coverage of the whole of Spain and Portugal and will enable the two countries to be connected within 24/48 hours.
The know-how of the two companies' teams and their experience in the market will create important new opportunities throughout the territory and guarantee competitive daily services and transit times:
  • Barcelona to Porto - Lisbon and vice versa, daily departures door-to-door deliveries 24/48 hours;
  • From Madrid to Porto - Lisbon and vice versa with daily departures and door-to-door deliveries in 24 hours;
  • From Irun to Porto - Lisbon with daily departures and door-to-door deliveries in 24/48 hours.
There is great satisfaction at Arcese and XBS for the new partnership, a satisfaction also confirmed by the words of José Luis Iranzo - CEO and General Manager of Arcese in Spain - and Miguel Monteiro - General Manager of XBS, who says, 'The agreement is the beginning of a long-term collaboration and guarantees our customers the reliability of both brands thanks to a dedicated service throughout the territory.
Thought shared by José Luis Iranzo, who commented as follows: "The main objective shared by both companies is to affirm their leadership in the logistics and transport sector in the two countries. Having a partner who shares our same vision of development and service excellence is very important for the Arcese Group and is a guarantee of efficiency and service quality for our customers".