Arcese Logistics becomes more sustainable and innovative

Arcese's path to innovation and sustainability continues with the expansion of services on a European scale

The development of intermodal transportation, and the focus on sustainability are two of the Arcese Group’s priorities. Over the years, the Arcese Group has continued to invest in the creation of an integrated and flexible European network, as well as in the standardisation of its fleet of semi-trailers suitable for intermodal transport.

The recent order for 300 new semi-trailers compatible with the P400 rail profile confirms the strategic importance of this type of profile for which Arcese is one of the leading logistics operators in Europe. Arcese has been highly regarded in recent years, leading it to now have a fleet of over 3,000 P400 mega intermodal semi-trailers. It is anticipated that the opening of the Ceneri base railway tunnel and the consequent expansion of the railway infrastructure to include trains up to 750 metres long, and with a P400 profile, will facilitate further enhancement of Arcese's services - making them increasingly green and smart.

The recent acquisition also consolidates the partnership that began over thirty years ago with Krone and which to date has seen Arcese purchase over 2,500 semi-trailers. Guido Pietro Bertolone, CEO of the Arcese Group, commented, "We continue on our path of innovation and focus on sustainability on a European scale. Our investment and development policy focused on international combined transport represents the future in Europe. Thanks to our ongoing commitment to network development and these new vehicles, we will be able to anticipate market demand for a flexible and sustainable service."

These goals are shared by Bernard Krone - Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Bernard KRONE Holding SE & Co. KG., who also commented on the news:  “On behalf of the Krone family and the entire Krone team, I would like to thank Arcese for the great trust and the extremely fair partnership we developed together over the years. What began as a business relationship has developed into a close, friendly dialogue. We really appreciate the extraordinary expertise of the Arcese team, because, like us, they always focus on the customer. We are only satisfied when our customers are. We are therefore very grateful that Arcese relies on Krone equipment again and again, and we look forward to work on further projects together in future”.