Arcese is experimenting a new anti-slip coating for semi-trailers of the fleet

The company is testing the innovative Traffideck GO™ resin to transport loads safer

Arcese has been always committed to implementing the latest news and renovating its fleet of vehicles to meet its clients’ requirements efficiently and ensure a high-quality service.

For this reason, the company has recently started to experiment, under operating conditions, an innovative anti-slip coating on the flooring of intermodal XLS semitrailers. Traffideck GO™, is a resin produced by Dow. In 2017, the American Dow Chemical Company launched a new family of resins – Traffideck GO™ – to improve the safety of loads.

During the tests, this special resin was applied to the platform of a few Arcese’s semitrailers. This product makes the flooring anti-slip and protects it from normal wear. Generally, the flooring of a trailer is made of wood. In some cases, to improve goods’ safety, loading procedures involve the use of rubber mats, which increase the friction coefficient of the platform, preventing the pallets or goods from slipping and improving the stability of the load. Thanks to this resin, the platform gets the right friction coefficient allowing the removal of these mats.

We are enthusiastic for the interest Traffideck GO™ is receiving in Europe. It’s an innovative product, which helps logistics companies work efficiently by increasing the safety of their loads. Innovation and safety for higher performance are the pillars of Dow’s strategy” said Giuliano Tomassi Marinangeli, President and CEO of Dow Italia and Vice President of Federchimica for the Product Safety area.

The results achieved during these tests are so encouraging that we hope that this innovation can soon be part of Arcese’s offering. This new and important goal will allow us to achieve, once again, high efficiency standards in line with the latest innovations and our customers’ requests.

™ The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) mark and its subsidiaries

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