Arcese and Multiprotexion work closely for the TAPA event on security in the transport and logistics sector

Arcese’s High-Security semi-trailer truck is one of the stars of the event organised by Multiprotexion at the TAPA annual conference

The TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) conference for EMEA region – where global manufacturers, logistics service providers, express couriers, police and security forces and public institutions gather to talk about the role of security in the transport and logistics sector – took place on 23rd and 24th October in Dublin.

Arcese joined the event with a High-Security vehicle set up in collaboration with Multiprotexion, a leading company specialising in satellite security systems. Arcese semi-trailer was one of the stars of the event “How do we protect your Cargo? Unlimited power is the key!” that took place on 23rd October. During the event, Lorenzo Vaccarino – Managing Director of Multiprotexion – presented a cargo theft simulation and showed the activation of the Smoke Generator, the company’s latest innovation in the cargo security and protection sector.

Arcese and Multiprotexion – started collaborating at the beginning of 2019 to provide the highest technological standards applied to the security of high-value goods during transport.

For transport companies, the security of goods involves different aspects, which range from packaging to storage and transport. We have always focused on these details, especially during transport, which is the crucial stage. We are also investing in new technologies and processes to prevent thefts and predict potential road risks. Cargo security is a priority for us and our clients. That’s why we decided to work closely work closely with a leading company in the satellite system industry. The solutions that we have implemented are extremely effective to protect the cargo at any time”, declared Francesco Giannini, Security & Loss Prevention Director of Arcese.

Lorenzo Vaccarino – Managing Director of Multiprotexion – expresses the same satisfaction “Security and innovation are closely connected. That’s why we continuously invest in state-of-the-art technologies, research new solutions and develop innovative products. We go beyond satellite security; we focus on research and technologies to ensure the highest quality and security standards. Collaborating with a leading company, such as Arcese, makes us proud and proves our professionalism. We believe that the expertise and experience of these two companies will promote the development of additional solutions to win the Cargo Crime challenges."