Arcese and Edison Energia join forces for more sustainable road transport powered by biomethane and bio-LNG

The Arcese Group, a global logistics operator, and Edison Energia, a subsidiary of the Edison Group that sells gas and electricity to families and businesses, announce an agreement benefiting increasingly sustainable mobility, that is, the fleet of heavy goods vehicles belonging to the Arcese Group will be powered by Biomethane Liquefied Natural Gas (bio-LNG) from the Edison Energia distributor network.

Currently, the Arcese Group’s fleet includes 59 LNG-powered vehicles which, owing to this strategic agreement, will henceforth be able to travel using biomethane.

Bio-LNG is a gas produced from agricultural or organic waste that is able to generate a very low emissions balance. In other words, a vehicle that uses this fuel contributes significantly towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in very high percentages and, furthermore, reducing the quantity of nitrogen dioxide produced by half compared with the use of diesel (see CNR-IIA Study “Liquefied Biomethane for Heavy-Duty Transport in Italy: A Well-to-Wheels Approach,” published in Transportation Research Part D 107-2022-103288). Bio-LNG is produced through anaerobic digestion, that is the degradation, without the use of oxygen, of organic raw materials of vegetable or animal origin, such as agricultural or urban waste, and its production is an example of the application of the principles of the circular economy.

“Bio-LNG is a key component of the energy transition and decarbonisation path for the transport sector,” said Emanuele Arcese, Global Vice President Road Freight FTL of Arcese. “Its impact in terms of reducing emissions is notable, particularly in the road transport sector, which by its nature struggles to be environmentally sustainable. Arcese’s eco-friendly transition began at the end of the 90’s, when a conscious but not very popular decision was made back then to reduce its fleet and to support short sea and rail intermodal transport.
Now, with our partner Edison Energia, we are taking a new strategic step to confirm our chosen direction. A combination of long-haul intermodal transport combined with the use of bio-LNG for the first or last mile, for express and short-haul services, will enable us to further reduce our impact in terms of emissions by providing even more eco-friendly solutions. From this combined perspective, we are undoubtedly among the leaders in Europe.”

Edison is a fully integrated operator along the entire LNG and Bio-LNG value chain, with fuels that offer a real alternative to the use of diesel for heavy goods transport. In particular, Bio-LNG allows us to contribute to the energy transition of the transport sector and to our fight against climate change. The agreement with Arcese confirms Edison Energia’s commitment to the transition towards using fuels that are less polluting than traditional diesel and petrol, starting with LNG and methane, and including the corresponding fuels produced from organic waste materials such as Bio-LNG and gaseous biomethane. Our goal is to provide over 10% of the volumes of business customers with eco-friendly gas by 2030,” said Davide Macor, Business Market Director - Gas & Power Market Division of Edison Energia. “In 2018, we were the first operator to collect and sell biomethane for transport purposes in Italy (GSE tender) and in 2023, also owing to bilateral withdrawal agreements, the volumes distributed in Italy exceeded 100 million m3. Additionally, starting in 2022, the collection and sale of Bio-LNG destined to heavy goods transport has begun, and is produced by three plants with a total production capacity of more than 4000 tonnes/year. Biomethane is distributed through a network of over 400 refuelling stations in Italy, while LNG and Bio-LNG are also available through a specific fuel card dedicated to the fleets of logistics and transport companies.



t is a logistics operator with more than 2,800 employees and 70 locations worldwide. Arcese connects the world and operates globally with the aim of offering innovative solutions to build tomorrow's logistics today. Ethics, sustainability and digitalisation are at the heart of the Group's growth and guide each of our people in anticipating customers' needs while guaranteeing maximum efficiency and a standard of operational excellence. 



Edison is a leading energy company, with 140 years of history and records that make it the oldest operator in the sector in Europe. The company, which started operating in Milan in December 1883, marked the start of a new era with its process aimed at the electrification of the country, thus contributing in a tangible way to Italian social, cultural, economic and industrial progress. Edison currently employs over 5,500 staff and operates in Italy and Europe in renewable and low-carbon energy production, the supply and sale of natural gas, sustainable mobility and, through Edison Energia and Edison Next in energy, environmental and value-added services for customers, businesses, territories and public authorities. The Group has a ground-breaking commitment to the challenge of energy transition, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals and European decarbonisation policies. Edison has highly flexible and efficient electricity production facilities, consisting of 200 high-efficiency gas-fired combined-cycle hydroelectric, wind, solar and thermoelectric plants that produce a total power of approximately 7 GW; and has the capacity to supply LNG and natural gas to Italy, thanks to its large and highly diversified portfolio amounting to 12.6 billion m3 per year. In 2021, Edison established the Edison Orizzonte Sociale (EOS) Foundation, the corporate foundation with which the company consolidates its social commitment by contributing with its employees and skills to the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.


Edison Energia

Edison Energia is the Edison Group subsidiary which is dedicated, since the liberalisation of the relevant markets, to the sale of natural gas and electricity to end customers. The Company complements the traditional provision of electricity and gas with a wide range of innovative services aimed at business customers, families and professional operators (with VAT numbers). Edison Energia offers business customers multi-year contracts for the supply of natural gas and electricity, including Corporate PPA with energy produced from renewable sources, owing to existing or additional plants, and services such as Demand Side Response (UVAM), Interruptibility of Electricity and Gas, a dedicated portal, and services related to sustainable mobility based on LNG, Bio-LNG, methane and biomethane. For residential customers, the company has expanded its range of operations by entering the sector of services aimed at providing homes with solutions that can be modulated to customers’ needs, from energy efficiency products for homes to multi-apartment energy communities. Edison’s objective is to provide sustainable energy to homes and people.