Arcese attended the conference "The competitiveness of intermodal transport on the Brenner"

Organized by Comunità d’Azione per la Ferrovia del Brennero (CAB), the event was about the development of the intermodal transport along the Brenner axis and took place in Trento on 15th April.

On Friday 15th April Arcese took part of the conference “The competiveness of intermodal transport on the Brenner axis” which took place at the Trentino Federation of Cooperation’s  headquarters in Trento.

Organized by Comunità d’Azione per la Ferrovia del Brennero (CAB) - the association of the Provinces and the federal states from Monaco in Verona and by the respective Chambers of Commerce - the event has been attended by the institutions and the main operators in this sector. It was an opportunity to analyze the main issues and problems of the intermodal transport but above all to discuss future prospects and developments.

Guido Pietro Bertolone, CEO Arcese Trasporti S.p.A., introduced Arcese’s activities and efforts in this area examining in particular the role of road transport in the intermodal transport chain.

Infact, Arcese was born in the late '60s as a road carrier and evolved their vision, and today Arcese is recognized as a major player in the industry.  In recent years, in fact, Arcese built its growth strategy on the development of intermodal transport, through the creation of a European network and a highly integrated distribution network road / rail / short-sea.

Today Arcese continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and to renew its fleet in order to meet the specific needs of their customers. "Today, a growing number of clients require efficient and sustainable transport solutions," - said Bertolone - "Shifting from road to combined we contribute significantly in reducing CO2 emissions."

This commitment has led Arcese Group to become a major player in the industry in Europe, so that even companies in the automotive sector - usually skeptical of combined because of the transit time - choose Arcese’s intermodal solutions because they offer a fast, reliable and sustainable services.