Intermodal services between Bettembourg - Le Boulou

Arcese expands its intermodal network and launches a rail connection between Luxembourg and the South of France.

The Bettembourg – Le Boulou route is an important connection, which has been added to Arcese’s European newtwork. In April, we have introduced an intermodal service, which includes three daily departures (34 per week) connecting Benelux, Ruhr and Saarland with the South of France, Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia. Moreover, Bettembourg will be the intermodal hub, thus ensuring railway continuation with Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Last but not least, the 15-hour railway transit time allows a 72-hour door-to-door service (AxD).

This new connection falls within Arcese’s growth and development strategy, which consists in creating a European network and a new highly-integrated road/railway distribution structure. “Arcese has always been specialising in road transport. However, over the years we have reviewed our vision and today we have made intermodality the key of our development strategy managing top clients and transport orders. The company is constantly committed to finding flexible and efficient transport solutions” explains Giovanna Montani, FTL Sales Europe Director for Arcese. “Thanks to the combined transport – Montani continues- we reduce CO2 emission by over 50% decreasing the impact on the environment. “

Download the Bettembourg – Le Boulou route pdf