Arcese adds the brand new IVECO Stralis NP 460 trucks to its fleet to become even more sustainable

Arcese is keeping up with its commitment to promoting environmentally sustainable: the very first low floor truck LNG-fuelled vehicles have been delivered. This type of vehicles can be combined with a mega-trailer, which have a higher load capacity

Following the agreement entered into with strategic partner IVECO – also strongly committed to sustainable development – Arcese will be introducing 4 new Liquid Natural Gas-fuelled IVECO Stralis NP 460 (FP Low floor Tractor) trucks starting from April.

The goal is to test their performance and assess the use of this type of vehicles in heavy transports. In particular, Arcese will run some tests to check consumption, maintenance and management costs and evaluate whether to add these vehicles to its fleet in the FTL Road Freight division (road and multimodal). These vehicles have been chosen because they ensure reduced fuel consumption while maximising load capacity. They are equipped with a 460 hp engine with a double LNG tank, which ensures an autonomy of 1,150 km1.

In addition to reducing sound emission compared to diesel engines, this type of tractor reduces NO2 emission by 90%, PM by 99%, and, if biomethane is used, CO2 by 95% compared to equivalent diesel versions2.

This sustainability can be further optimised, as these vehicles can be combined with a mega-trailer, which have a higher load capacity, allowing for the transport of a higher number of goods, thus reducing environmental impact.

Our company has always been focused on technological progress. Our research and innovation have led to a series of projects that involve the Group’s intention to invest in LNG as an alternative to diesel to make our transpots services even more environmentally sustainable” said Marco Manfredini, Corporate COO of the Arcese Group. “We’re proud to be one of the first logistics operators in Italy to introduce LNG-fuelled low floor trucks and to have IVECO as a partner in this project” he continued.

These new vehicles – the first LNG-fuelled low floor tracks delivered in Europe – are a strategic investment for Arcese and will be part of a fleet counting 700 vehicles operating across Italy and Europe. Arcese’s decision to convert part of its fleet to alternative fuels confirms the company’s intention to provide an excellent service while protecting the environment and meet the European Union’s 2030 target to reduce CO2 emissions from industrial and commercial vehicles by 30%.

The vehicles were delivered on 9 April at Arcese’s Rovereto plant in the presence of Marco Manfredini – Arcese Group’s Corporate COO – Mihai Daderlat – IVECO Italy Market Business Director – Alessandro Oitana – IVECO Medium & Heavy Business Line Manager – and Alberto Aiello – CEO of Officine Brennero, the area dealer.

 1  Data declared by the manufacturer for the low floor truck. Non-low floor vehicles have an autonomy of up to 1,600 km.
2 Data declared by the manufacturer for the low floor truck.