A valuable order for Ventana Serra do Brasil: over 21 tons of Argentine pesos shipped

A delicate shipment from Brazil to Argentina with maximum safety

At the end of 2020, Ventana Serra do Brasil, managed a very special door-to-airport shipment from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires of 68 crates with a total weight of over 21 tons that contained Argentine pesos equivalent to USD 1.032.000, which were shipped from the Casa da Moeda do Brasil - the Brazilian mint - and delivered to Buenos Aires airport for Casa de Moneda de Argentina, in Buenos Aires.

The contract required a very careful planning of the transport and shipping activities organized with Ventana Serra teams of the Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo. Both branches liaised with the federal authorities to obtain all the authorizations required for the transport of the money from the Casa da Moeda headquarter to  Rio de Janeiro - Galeão International Airport. On the way to the airport, the paper money has been escorted by armored vehicles and armed escort.

The customer was very satisfied with the job done and the efficiency of the service offered. The type of operation, due to the peculiarity of the product, did not allow any margin of error and everything has been managed with the highest Customer satisfaction

“A challenging shipment to manage and at the same time very sensitive, considering that the transport operations had to be carried out in maximum safety. Thanks to the professionalism and commitment of the entire team, we were able to satisfy the customer and obtain an excellent result"commented Paolo Casadonte, Country Manager of Ventana Serra do Brasil.