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Road and intermodal transport to move your business.   

International maritime and air shipments for a business without borders, thanks to Ventana Serra. 

Integrated solutions for the strategic outsourcing of logistics and supply chain management. 

Arcese launched a new intermodal route for FCA in Italy

Arcese strengthens partnership with the automotive group: the functional company train that provides daily connection between Turin and Cassino, serving the FCA plant. Arcese Group recently launched a new railway service connecting Turin and Cassino (in Lazio Region) and vice versa. Operated by the Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana (CFI), the connection guarantees 5 weekly departures. The […] 

Arcese faces Rastatt emergency

The interruption of the Frankfurt-Ludwigshafen-Basel railway line caused an emergency and Arcese Group has already taken actions to guarantee their services. 

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